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Friday, March 28, 2008

Nine (9) Article Writing Tips To Consider When Using Controversy:

Well among of us would really want to give a random shot just to make sure that we are getting the crowds attention and as a result would increase our traffic. In order to do so and to attract visitors, suing controversy is indeed one great tool in order to grasp that success. So here are the 9 Articles writing tips that would make your blog more entertaining and would truly increase your traffic.

1. Credibility is always more important than any short-lived traffic spike.

2. Certain topical areas do not lend themselves to controversy at all.

3. Do not go overboard when using controversy by stretching the truth or taking below-the-belt pot-shots at others.

4. Never insert controversy for controversy sake alone. Your ideas must stand alone apart from your controversial statements.

5. It’s not necessary to attack another human or be *personal* in your controversy! You can be provocative in your ideas or the broader picture rather than making it personal.

6. Dispute the facts, dispute the premise, dispute the issues and provide arguments for your reasons. You can do this WITHOUT discrediting the person who originated the idea that you are taking issue with. Think respectful disagreement.

7. Keep in mind that we don’t take risks on content…so if your controversial article attacks another human, slanders or defames against an individual or against another brand or organization, we may not be able to accept that type of content.

8. For the record, we don’t seek articles or authors who primarily invoke controversy as their primary way of expressing themselves. However, a little controversy peppered in without attacking another human or organization directly may be ok.

9. Highly controversial articles are better NOT syndicated. Instead, put them on your website only.


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