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Thursday, October 9, 2008

PHASE III-B: Logo Text In 3-D

Real World Example

Table of contents

  • Layers Options With Flyout.
  • Creating The Text Face Layer.
  • Creating Shadow And Highlight Layers.
  • Darken The Shadow Layer.
  • Lighten The Highlight Layer.
  • Nudge The Highlight And Shadow Into Final Position.
  • Paying Attention?
  • The Look Is Still Not Right.
  • Here Is One Combination Solution.
  • The Final Tweak To The Spectrum Layer.
  • The Result

1. Layers Options With Flyout.

Access the flyout by clicking on the black triangle at the top right corner of the Palette title area as in the sample below.
Note that The layer is Linked to the Style layer as shown by the chain link icon in the second column.

2. Creating The Text Face Layer

  • Duplicate my text layers as shown in the above sample.
  • Click on the Merge Linked option from the flyout, which will merge the two text layers together.
  • Relabel the new layer Text Face.

3. Create Shadow And Highlight Layers.

  • Duplicate Text Face twice.
  • Rename the first copy to Shadow.
  • Rename the second copy to Highlight.
  • Click and Drag the Text Face Layer above duplicate layers.
  • Confirm that your test looks like my sample

4. Darken The Shadow Layer.

Select the Shadow Layer and choose Image > Adjust > Hue/Saturation...

  • Check: Colorize option.
  • Hue: -148, Blue.
  • Lightness: -79, Very Dark.

5. Lighten the Highlight Layer.

Select the Highlight Layer and choose Image > Adjust > Hue/Saturation...

  • Check: Colorize option.
  • Hue: -148, Blue.
  • Lightness: +83, Very Light.

6. Nudge The Highlight and Shadow Into Final Position.

  • Highlight: Move up and to the left by 1 nudge each.
  • Shadow: Move down and right by 1 nudge each.

7. Paying Attention?

Did the highlight and shadow get nudged in the wrong directions?

No, it was intentional. Changing the lighting direction can sometimes help to add to the illusion of depth.

8. The Look Is Still Not Right... What can be done?
Plenty of options...

  • Darken the text shadow.
  • Brighten the text highlight.
  • Darken the spectrum face.
  • Recolorize the spectrum face.
  • Blur the background.
  • Change the text face color.
  • And more...
How to create a 3D-looking text

9. Here is one combination solution...

  • The Spectrum layer Opacity set to 91% muting it slightly by letting a bit of the under painting to show through.
  • The Highlight was made pure white by setting Image > Adjust > Brightness to +100.
  • The Shadow was made pure black by setting Image > Adjust > Brightness to -100.
  • Face color was changed to Image > Adjust > Hue: 132 and Light: +13 under

The only new tool used above was the Gaussian Blur... applied to the text highlight as follows:

Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur...

  • Check: Preview option.
  • Radius: 0.5 pixel, which is only a hint of softness.
3D Logo in After Effects

10. The Final Tweaks To The Spectrum Layer...
Start with Image > Mode > Brightness/Contrast... settings as follows:

  • Brightness: -29
  • Contrast: -12

Next step is to touch-up the sharpness using the Unsharp Mask as follows:

Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask

  • Amount: 70%.
  • Radius: 3.2 pixel
  • Threshold: 0, default

3D Text Font Logo Maker Video

11. Result

Final Comp


The difference is subtle but that is what tweak means. The obvious change is in the top right corner of the palette shape. It is a bit sharper.

3D Text and 3D Logo

The soft top right corner in the Before image was distracting to me. The soft brightness drew my eyes. That is what moved me to sharpen it. Notice that I only sharpened the Spectrum layer.


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