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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Introduction to eBooks

Introduction to eBooks and eBook publishing

Digital Publishing is fast becoming an important sales and marketing tool in electronic business success. Enter the ebook - a key to delivering secure, high quality information products online.
Ebook definition

So what exactly is an ebook? An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional book that can be read by using a computer without being connected to the Internet.

Many ebooks can be viewed straight from a floppy disk without needing complex plug-in reader software. Ebooks incorporate text, images, sound and hyperlinks to various sections of the book. The links can also act as a gateway to the Internet to refer to other articles or ebooks.

eBooks in many cases are HTML documents accompanied by an inbuilt browser which are all compiled into a single executable file. It is basically a packaged offline web site that allows authors a great deal of flexibility in presentation of content.

Create professional interactive e-books quickly and easily; complete with digital rights management features . A fantastic
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Hyperlinks and internal search engines enhance navigation, allowing the reader to find items of interest quickly and easily. The single executable file option allows both an average sized novel and reader program to be stored on one floppy disk, which cannot be achieved using Adobe's PDF option. PDF documents are also considered to be eBooks, but require the installation of a separate reader program, Adobe Acrobat. The stand alone Acrobat reader software is around 12 megabytes installed. The Adobe Ebook reader, while containing excellent features and able to read HTML, PDF and other formats, is a 10 megabyte download! For the purposes of online business, the better bet is a format that is quickly downloaded and does not depend on resource sucking software.

A good eBook allows the reader to print off specific sections and to view the pages in a variety of font sizes, which is an excellent option for the vision impaired.
The future of ebook publishing

Up until recently, the ebook concept has been slow in gaining popularity. We were still becoming accustomed to reading non-paper based products. From a practical point of view, it is difficult taking your full tower case and 17 inch monitor onto public transport, and trains tend to be short on power outlets.

This is being addressed by the proliferation of notebook computers and hand held devices. Falling prices in hardware are boosting eBook popularity. Dedicated eBook hardware, which usually consists of a tablet, tends to utilize only specific eBook formats (dependant upon the manufacturer), therefore limiting the number of titles available for each product.

From a traditional point of view, we have been conditioned to accept paper based information as being "real" - we are often comfortable most with things that are outdated. A good example of this is the standard 101 keyboard.

The layout on the board is actually quite inefficient and an Occupational Health and safety nightmare. The layout is a hangover from the late 1800's when typists had to be slowed down to prevent the steel arms of typewriters from locking up regularly. The QWERTY keyboard is a purposely instituted design flaw, no longer necessary today but still the standard.

Unlike our Draconian keyboards, people are becoming more comfortable with the concept of reading without turning physical pages. Monitor quality has improved dramatically and we now no longer need to fear brain tumors from staring at a screen.
The cutting edge in online publishing and marketing

Many authors are now turning to ebooks as a way of distributing their works efficiently and economically. Compression methods are improving, which allows for quick downloads and as a downloadable product, distribution and packaging overheads are minimal in comparison to their paper based counterparts.

Security in ebooks has also improved, allowing authors to disable copy and paste functions if necessary in an effort to protect their works. Many ebook creation programs also allow for registration keys and time limit restrictions.

There will always be a place for paper based books, but in this frantic world of information delivery - the ebook will become king.

eBooks will play a more important role in eCommerce over the next few years, no matter what the product or service offered by a company is. How can your business benefit from the ebook direction? What ebook creation software should you use? Read our full ebook marketing tips and generator software review.

Recommended eBook Software:
Create ebooks in minutes! - this amazing ebook generator features

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  • Menu Customization
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  • Custom Splash Screens and Start-Up Messages
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  • FREE eBook Brander
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  • Optional Menu On/Off
  • Exclusive Ebook Tracking Feature!
  • Free lifetime upgrades!!
  • Secure sections of ebooks if required
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eBook software review

Review - eBook generator software & marketing tips

In the first part of this article, Introduction to ebooks, I outlined some of the benefits of transmitting information in this format; the main points being quick and economical delivery via downloading, security of information and rapid package development.

eBooks can also benefit any online business in a variety of ways, the most exciting being the viral marketing potential. Here's a scenario:

You own an online fishing tackle store and want to extend your market reach without investing huge dollars in advertising. Using an ebook generator software package, you could rapidly develop a document that contained a series of solid fishing tips. Each page would have the layout and feel of your website, which would familiarize readers with your brand. (see the article "Branding concepts").

Create professional interactive e-books quickly and easily; complete with digital rights management features . A fantastic
viral marketing tool or for presentation of premium
digital products! Download eBook generator today!

Each page of tips would also have a message promoting your online store, and encouraging people to pass the ebook on to others. But it doesn't have to be just promoted from your site. I'm sure that many other online fishing destinations would be happy to offer your free ebook from their sites as well, as it would benefit their visitors.

If the tips in your free ebook were well presented, it wouldn't be long before the book was popping up all over the world - creating traffic to your site as people investigated the source of the book. Your excellent fishing tips would create credibility with readers, and credibility translates into sales over time.

To further encourage web masters to host your free ebook, you could offer them co-branding options, which would contain a few ads about their own sites.
Creating eBooks is easy

So how long does it take to compile an ebook once you have your pages authored? Approximately 3 minutes, with the click of a few buttons. It's pretty straightforward with the software that we are currently using. And the cost of the software? The package we purchased costs $97, which is a very reasonable price considering the range of features and we can create as many ebooks with it as we like. We are not required to pay royalties on each book that is created.

In our search for economical software for creating basic ebooks, we examined many different packages. We settled on the Ebook Generator software, developed by Armand Morin.

It wasn't just the package that impressed us, but the author's response times in pre-sale questions and his excellent after sales support. The features of the package include:

* Wizard for easy step-by-step creation of EBooks - A book can be compiled in a few minutes
* Compilation of an EBook as a solid .exe file - excellent compression.
* Compilation of EBooks with subdirectories.
* Source code protection (there is no "Save As" command) and other security features
* Icon customization (allowing to use custom icons for your EBooks)
* Resizing of the compiled EBook to the preferred size.
* Button and Menu editor and a "co-brander" application
* Ebook search function
* Excellent compression of the included HTML files in the EBooks.
* Supports Flash Files, Shockwave, Javascript , DHTML, Audio, Windows Media, Midi Files
* Shareware option with registration key generation.
* Absolute expiration date.
* Custom About dialog and splash screens.
* Exclusive Ebook Tracking Feature! LIFETIME eBook Tracking. Get statistics on the number of times your eBook is accessed!
* Free ebook generator software upgrades
* eBook Brander allows your promotion partners to brand elements of your ebook with their information

.. and many more software features...

Purchasing the Ebook Generator software now means that you will qualify for free upgrades as they are released. As a bonus, you also receive a number of ebooks that will assist you in developing and marketing your products.

Armand's Ebook Generator software is definitely worth considering as a valuable Internet marketing and web site promotion tool; without having to spend big bucks!

eCover Generator! Now anyone can create THEIR OWN ECOVERS. This amazing software does all the work for you. If you sell anything over the net you need an eCover - click here now for details!

If you're looking for something with more features; for example, if you wish to create publications that mimic glossy brochures or magazines; read our review on ebrochure and emagazine generator software.

Internet Macros

Internet Macros - Web macro software increase online productivity

If you've been around long enough to remember Windows 3.1, you would remember the Macro Recorder. It was a fun application that allowed many basic repetitive management tasks to be automatically performed.

How many repetitious tasks do you perform each day on the web? If you work online or are a power Internet surfer, then I'm sure it's many. Repetition wastes time, and time is something that none of us these days seem to have enough of.

This product is sure to be of interest to you - Internet Macros - industrial strength macro creation software, specifically designed for the web.

Click here for your free trial web macro software download Increase your online productivity today!
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000,XP
Pentium processor recommended
8MB of hard drive space
IE 5.5 or higher. Fully registered software prices start at US$29.95

Macro software for the web

If you are checking the same web sites over every day, or submitting to search engines regularly, filling in online forms, in fact any regular Internet task - then Internet Macros is the solution you've been looking for; and you don't have to store sensitive information on somebody else's server!

Any kind of Internet browsing, form filling, clicking and data gathering can be recorded into a web macro and Internet Macros assists you during the recording of macros with visual feedback.
Web site testing made easy

If you've ever had to test an online application, you'd understand just how frustrating it can be. Test, find bug, fix bug, run through same test over and over. To buy software designed for web site testing can be incredibly expensive - but not in the case of Internet Macros - in fact, you can download a software trial from us for free!
But that's not all Internet Macros can do..

30 day free web macro software trial. Start increasing your Internet productivity today! - Click here to download
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000,XP
Pentium recommended
8MB of hard drive space
IE 5.5 or higher

This powerful web macro software offers the following benefits:

- Automatically complete online forms

- Login to your email automatically (will even write the email for you and then send it)

- Navigate complex websites; an excellent Internet testing feature.

- Create transportable Internet macro files

- Secure password storage using BLOWFISH encryption. All data is stored on your PC; preserving your privacy. This application does not "report" back to any server

- Share your web macros around your workplace, increase overall company efficiency

- Automate search engine submissions and handle your pay per click listings.

- Automatically query online databases and download returned information.

- Create a macro that will monitor your web site.

- Measure website response times with special commands and create performance reporting.

- Avoid complicated Unix tools and commands - and have more functionality.

- Internet Macros can be set to simulate Internet Explorer (IE) completely.

- Extract any TABLE directly into a CSV file.

- Web enable your application in 5 minutes by utilizing the Internet macros scripting interface.

- Use Internet Macros as a spider or robot application.

- Ship Internet Macros with your software application. The Scripting Edition has a special redistribution license without royalty fees.

Amazing features in such an easy to use package!

Download your 30 day free trial Internet Macros Software today and increase your web productivity! - Click here to download
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000,XP
Pentium recommended
8MB of hard drive space
IE 5.5 or higher

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