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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Entrepreneur's Online Starter Kit

Every piece of communication that you send out to potential clients should include your brand elements—your logo, contact information, and the visual elements that make you credible and your brand memorable. This package includes:

Entrepreneur's Logo Design

Our custom logo design package includes a unique, collaborative process with the following design steps:

* Development of a universal, timeless symbol and/or decorative graphic elements

* Specification of logo fonts, to reinforce corporate message while remaining legible in the logo when it's reduced in size

* Selection of colors for your logo, based on color psychology and theory, trends, and industry standards

* Consolidation of symbol and company name into a single logo unit

* Modification of symbol and font choice to match each other, creating a unified look overall

You also get:

* The final logo files in 10-14 file formats and in color, black and white and greyscale (if applicable), to fill all of your future graphic needs

* Sale to you of the full rights to the final logo, and the ability to copyright or trademark it as your own.

In this in-depth logo design process, you will receive a minimum of 10 concept sketches and up to 5 total rounds of design. You'll see many variations of the logo, and in the details of the logo, throughout this process. You will be able to revisit some of the steps throughout the process if the options presented aren't to your liking. The entire process takes 2-3 weeks (when you provide feedback for each round within 1 business day).

Stationery Set Design


* Business card
* Digital or Print Letterhead Design
* Envelope or Mailing Label

In the stationery system design process, you will first receive 3-5 initial sketches of the business card. Once the creative direction for the business card is chosen, 1-2 matching designs for each the remaining pieces will be created. Up to 2 rounds of revisions are included in this package.

The final deliverable will be a full set of files — PDF, EPS and Adobe Illustrator files. Printing is not included.

The design process for the Stationery Set typically takes approximately 1-2 weeks.


In this package, the website can be up to 5 pages in length. The design process includes:

* Company and Competitor Research. In this phase, we'll review the Website Design Questionnaire which will provide me with information about your company, target market and website goals. I'll also do research on your competitors — to make sure that the website that I develop for you is unique and stands out.

* Site Design. The graphic design of one of the pages of the website. In this phase, we will address the visual design of the navigation system, the structure of the navigation system (which links are to be included in the navigation), text styling, and creation of a graphic "frame". I deliver 3-5 initial designs in the first round. Up to 2 rounds of revisions are available in this phase.

* Site Template Coding:

o Web Image Production and Optimization, to ensure that the graphics on the site will be clear and quick-loading.

o Hand-coding of the website in HTML.

o 1 round of revision is available in this phase.

* Full Site Coding, consisting of:

o Web Image Production and Optimization, to ensure that the graphics on the site will be clear and quick-loading, for any additional images in the site.

o Hand-coding of the website in HTML.

o Basic Search Engine Optimization, consisting of taking the keywords you provide and embedding those in the HTML code.

o 1 round of revision is available in this phase.

* Testing of the website on both Macintosh and PC platforms, using major browsers — Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (Mac only) and Netscape (PC only).

* Launch of the site on the web. The site is FTP'd to your website host, and tested online.

* Basic Search Engine submission. Your site URL is submitted to Google and Yahoo.

Define Your Difference Branding Workbook

In order to design your business brand, you have to first know what makes you different, you have to first understand what your business is all about. You have to form a strong and unique foundation for your business brand.

This workbook will help you to do just that. It takes you through all of the questions to form your business's Brand Definition, so that you can figure out Who You Are, What You Do, Who You Can Best Help and What Makes You Different. Once you have those 4 elements clearly defined, creating a clear and effective business brand will be much easier.

Plan A Website That Works

A well-planned and well-done website can do more for your business than just, well, be a website. A website that's designed well can act as another employee in a small business, doing some of the tasks that keep your business successful.

This workbook will walk you through all of the questions that you need to answer in order to create the best possible website.

Raise Your Ranking: The Small Business Guide to Getting Found on the Search Engines

Do you wish that your website would come up in Google?

Well, you can stop wishing for it to happen and start learning how to make your site rank really well with my newest product, Raise Your Ranking. This product consists of 5 interviews about the psychology of the Search Engines, and an eBook that walks you through the process from a tactical perspective. There's also a workbook that walks you through the process step-by-step.

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